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What is Southern Style Hospitality?

Hearing the phrase “Southern style hospitality” makes me think of the days of going to my grand-parents home in a small town of Southern Indiana on Sundays, where we would all gather, eat, and talk about the week behind us and what the week ahead is hopefully going to bare. It reminds me of walking into a local hardware store where a complete stranger, that is not employed by the store, has approached me to see if I need any help choosing the correct wall anchor to hang a new family portrait I recently purchased. The phrase makes me think of walking into our local, small church where our family has been attending for years and being greeted by the congregation to chat about the upcoming ice cream social event.

According to Southern Living (see, some of the traits that make up Southern hospitality are:

  • Politeness: Being polite is a direct reflection of how one respects others. Politeness entails the use of the phrases “yes, ma’am,” “yes, sir,” and so on. Using these phrases from the very beginning of a conversation can set the mood that we are respectful of the other party.

  • Kindness: Choose the golden rule. Treat others in a manner that you would want to be treated. Treat others like they are family and don’t be shy to extend kindness to others that you have just met for the first time.

  • Helpfulness: Like the scenario of having someone coming up to you in a hardware store to see if you need assistance, when they’re not even an employee of the store. Always be ready and willing to offer a helping hand.

  • Charm: Incorporating grace under pressure and making others feel welcome and comfortable is a key trait of Southern hospitality. Being kind, witty, and considerate to all no matter where we are located can never be overvalued.

  • Charity: Using the golden rule, like that of kindness, is key in incorporating Southern hospitality. Don’t give out favors as an obligation to the other party, but do it out of courtesy, respect, and mere habit.

Businesses that build and cherish their relationships are those that will grow and last for years to come. Incorporate politeness, kindness, helpfulness, charm, and charity in your life and business, then watch your relationships flourish. Incorporating Southern style hospitality into Pooler CPA Group is the cornerstone of our beginning to build true, lasting relationships.

Cherish relationships, because that’s all that truly matters.

And the companions, known as the 401k.9s

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