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Why Pooler CPA Group 

Why Pooler CPA Group

An Audit Performed on Your Time

We perform all steps of the audit from our office, not yours. No need for us to take a week of your time by setting up in your office. We send an electronic list of items needed to perform the audit to all involved parties of the plan.  Segregating the items needed from each party saves you time. You submit the info as you are able to pull it.

Able to Start Immediately 

Since we are able to to perform the audit virtually and on your time, we can start as soon as today. No "fieldwork" to schedule with us.


We are very laid back and love to show our friendly personality. Our opinion is, life is short so enjoy every moment of it. Our promise to you is when you get off the phone with us, you will come off the call with a smile on your face.

No Office Visits

We perform each step of the audit from our office to save you time and money. Why pay higher fees to a firm for their lodging , mileage, and overhead costs.

Work with the Founder

You only work with the founder of the firm, no staff auditors to train on your time.

Fixed Fees

No surprise billings, only the fixed fee amount is paid. See fee schedule here.

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