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Pooler CPA Group vs Typical Firm

Typical CPA Firm 

Typical Audit Firm Approach to Plan Audits:

  • You may pay the fees for the audit PLUS out of pocket expenses of the firm and any additional time they want to bill.

  • They send you a list of items to pull and make you hunt it all down from each party of the plan.

  • They setup shop in your office for as long as one week, which makes you stuck on the hook to be there to answer all questions and requests.

  • They may send junior staff, which will require a lot of you and your staff's valuable time to learn how a benefit plan operates.

  • They can increase fees annually, which can affect your company's budgeted expenses.

Pooler CPA Group's Approach

Our Approach to Plan Audits:

  • You pay the flat fee, that is it. No surprise billings.

  • You will receive an e-mail to a list of items needed via Smartsheet, which also includes all of the parties of the Plan to assist in pulling audit items. All items are segregated out to each responsible party.

  • We work on your schedule and do NOT need to setup shop at your office and constantly interrupt you and your staff's already busy schedule.

  • Only the founder of the firm will be performing your audit.

  • Our flat fees are set for three years so you know what you are paying with no surprises for years to come.

The Difference

Benefits of using us:

  • No surprise billings can save you thousands of dollars.

  • You and your staff will save a multitude of hours and headaches not having to hunt down each and every item requested.

  • Again, this will save a multitude of hours for you and your staff not having to cater to an auditor (as well as coffee and doughnuts).

  • Time will be saved by you and your staff working directly with a seasoned auditor. 

  • Again, no surprise billings that can cost thousands of dollars. Set fees for three years enables you to set your annual audit budget with ease.

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