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Pooler CPA Group   Security Measures

Pooler CPA Group Security Measures

We Take Security Seriously

Pooler CPA Group takes no shortcuts in securing information supplied by our clients, as well as the audit documentation retained. All programs used are researched extensively to ensure all information is secure and encrypted. We use the below programs:

LastPass Logo.PNG

Passwords are being cracked constantly by hackers. We use LastPass to protect the passwords used to gain access to all programs that require web access. All passwords loaded on LastPass are encrypted and can only be accessed using a two-factor authentication. You can find out more about this program at

BitLocker for Windows 10

Laptops are susceptible to be stolen at some point in their lifetime. We use BitLocker on all of our systems to ensure if that were ever to happen, all of the information on the hard drive is encrypted. We do not place any client information on the hard drives of our systems, but for added protection, BitLocker is strickly enforced. You can find out more about this program at

SmartSheet Logo.PNG


Smartsheet is the program used to collect information from our clients. Smartsheet is used and trust by 72% of the Fortune 500.  This program has enhanced data center security, multi-layer data access permissions, third-party assessments by an external security firm, and encryption of all uploaded data. You can find out more at

* The above is noted as only information purposes only. LastPass (C), Windows (C), and Smartsheet (C) are all trademarks of their respective companies with all rights reserved. These companies have not endorsed Pooler CPA Group in any fashion. 

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